Get Noticed

Even in this digital age, billboards have proven to be an effective means of drawing attention to a product, event or service. 

This may be due to all of the hours drivers spend in their cars. Most commuters will drive up to 20 hours a week, traveling as much as 200 miles a week. Most of these commuters will drive the same streets and highways each work day as a part of their routine. 

Billboard advertisers utilize this time away from laptops and desktops to communicate with drivers. 

The Power of Billboards

Through multiple studies, research has revealed that using a billboard as a means of promotion, advertising, and marketing will increase visibility for a company, a product, a service, or an event. Billboards have even been found to be instrumental in relaying website addresses. This can lead to sales in the short-term and the long-term. 

In a survey of over 7,000 drivers, it was found that more than 70% take notice of the messages on billboards as they drove past. Another finding revealed that over 50% of these drivers learned about something that interested them from a billboard, and later talked about it. And, as much as 68% of these drivers made decisions on shopping destinations while in their cars. It was also discovered that more drivers shop on their way home after work. 

After having seen a billboard, 38% of drivers decided to stop at the advertised retail location on their way home, and 32% decided to visit that location later in that week. 

According to these statistics, your billboard will be viewed, remembered, and talked about. It will have the power to generate interest and sales. 

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