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The High Yield Return on Your Blog Investment

Blogs do require an initial investment. However, with just a little time, blogs reward your investment with high returns. Studies show that more than 59% of the companies that keep active blogs will gain a larger customer base. 

The addition of a blog to your company site will provide several benefits that pay off in the long run:  

  • Communicate with your customers. Through comments and replies,  your company receives valuable feedback that can be used to enhance the customer experience, building a long and lasting customer relationship. 
  • Attract readers in the present and for years to come. Well-written and well-researched content is always relevant, no matter when it was published originally. 
  • Shape your brand in the public eye. Your readers will learn more about your company and the image you wish to project. This helps promote your company’s message and mission. 
  • Promote your products and services. The funds for quality advertisements, ads, commercials, and other forms of self-promotion can reach into the thousands. Blogs are a cost-effective alternative that save money while promoting your product or service line.
  • Blogs create income. Besides selling your products, a well-written, well-maintained blog will attract advertisers that want their products associated with your brand. Some blogs can produce thousands in monthly income. 

The Appatizer Advantage

At Appatizer, we understand the importance of a well written, well-maintained blog. We provide unique content that is relevant and customized to your company’s unique needs. This provides you with an asset that is instrumental in spreading your message, promoting your brand, and building your customer base, both in the present and for years to come. 

Our content writers work with you on current and ongoing projects, and even provide discounted rates for bulk orders. Ask for a single article to start your blog off, or for weekly or monthly installments to keep your blog fresh and current. 

Ask for a free consultation to explore your possibilities for a company blog that increases traffic, sales, and customer relations.