Database Development

Secure Data Solutions

You Need a Database 

Databases are a necessity for any dynamic website.  Appatizer understands your needs and is able to provide you with a custom database that is built to your specifications. With a quality database, your clients can reliably access their accounts, your employees can keep up with inventory, and you can have an up-to-the-minute report on your site’s sale information.

Appatizer builds custom databases that meet the individual needs you have for every site you own. With our databases, you are able to securely store your information and retrieve it in seconds. We work with several database management systems, including:

  •     MySQL
  •     PostgreSQL
  •     Microsoft SQL Server
  •     Oracle

Our databases can be used for e-commerce, online publications, social networking, informative sites, and more. If you feel you have an extremely large amount of data to store, we will build multiple databases for the same site.

We build according to your specifications so don’t be shy. Ask for a free consultation and tell us what you need. We provide solutions for all of your data storage needs.