Label Design

Print Is Not Dead

Label Design

With so much digital media in use today, direct mailing to the customer can often be overlooked. However, print is still alive and well. 

Custom designed labels that match your brand can create interest and provide the perfect introduction to your customers. Allow Appatizer to create these labels and use them on your next mass mailing to say "Hello" to customers and prospects, alike. 

There are multiple benefits to using customized mailing labels: 

  • They set a more professional tone for your correspondence.
  • They can catch the attention of those sorting through the mail, prompting people to open your coupons, letters of introduction, or gift certificates. 
  • Mailing labels are an inexpensive way to introduce your products and services. 

With the right designer, you can own creative, attention-grabbing labels that help introduce your brand and generate leads. 

Ask for a free consultation with a designer to discover the possibilities for your labels.