Magazine Design

Your Vision in Print

Nearly 1000 new magazines are launched every year and there are an estimated 20,000 magazines in print right now, even in a predominately digital age. Why? Because magazines are fun and exciting. 

Full-color covers draw the reader in to learn about personal interests, recipes, tutorials, products, and more. They are utilized for communication, advertisement, commerce, and education. Magazines help teach about the world in general or about a specific niche in the reader's world. They are versatile, convenient, and portable. Readers appreciate the convenience and information they glean from magazines. 

The Benefits of Publishing a Company Magazine

Nearly 84% of adults read magazines. That's a high figure that you can capitalize on to promote your business. 

As a publication for your clients and the general public, a magazine will serve to promote your products and services, or act as a catalog to showcase your best items. It will also add authority to your name in your business field, providing your readers with an "expert" go-to source for their questions. You will be considered someone that is trustworthy as a source of information while you are marketing your brand. 

As a publication for your employees, your magazine would serve as a source of unity, consolidating company news into one publication to share with all of your offices, no matter what state or country they are located in. Use your in-house magazine to recognize employees or teams for their dedication and hard work while keeping everyone on the same page. 

Your magazine would serve to deliver news and generate sales for products and services but it would also be a source of income from advertisers and an asset when attracting investors. This means you have an added source of income to pay for expansion and company growth, employee bonuses, or business expenses. 

Not too bad, huh? 

Appatizer's Professional Magazine Development and Design

While publishing a magazine can be a lucrative and rewarding experience, it needs to be undertaken with professional help. At Appatizer, we provide that help through the education and dedication of our designers and layout department. 

We customize magazine covers to reflect your brand while helping you with details that make a large difference, such as the page layout, the quality of the content, the placement of ads, the quality of your magazine photography, and more. 

With Appatizer, we help you design a professional publication that will grow your readership while marketing your brand and creating an additional source of income. Ask for a consultation today.