Parallax Scrolling Websites

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Parallax Scrolling Defined

Parallax scrolling is a technique used to create the visual illusion of continuity and depth on a website, creating a 3D effect, among other benefits. In parallax scrolling, images in the background move at a slower rate than images in the foreground. This technique is also found in popular video games. Parallax scrolling provides a guided experience for your visitors. 

The Application and Importance of Parallax Scrolling

Consumers base their opinions of a company on the appearance of the company site, stationery, product packaging, and other marketing tools. If these tools do not pass the test, it is very hard for a consumer to trust in the product or service enough to buy it. It is important to understand this because the parallax technique has helped raise consumer expectations on the appearance and function of a website. 

Parallax is popular for a number of reasons: 

  • Product showcases: parallax can help present your products in an interactive 3D form.
  • Product/Service demonstrations: your website becomes a platform that introduces and demonstrates your product or service in a unique and memorable way. 
  • Direct attention to specific elements: clothing designers, artists, and writers have used parallax to focus attention on specific collections and books while allowing access to previous work. 
  • Tell a story: share the history behind the company and your vision for its future. Parallax helps make this an engaging and interesting process.
  • Interactive content: allow visitors to play the hero in your graphic novel or introduce them to your digital product with an interactive display. 

When used correctly, parallax scrolling can add to the content and user experience of every visitor to your site. Appatizer provides expert design and construction for all of your parallax needs. Ask for a free consultation today.