Professional Animations

Animated Solutions

We work with professional animators that know the market and the best way to approach your target audience. Our animators use the most current marketing techniques to introduce your unique company brand and products to the world. With the right approach, your viewers become your customers. 

Appatizer can provide you with several forms of animation to choose from. Each form will serve to walk your viewers through the problem your product or service will solve. 

Whiteboard Animation: this popular technique features a hand that draws on a whiteboard to create a visual effect that tells a story. 

Motion Graphics Animation: this form uses text animation, live footage, and kinetic typography to create an engaging presentation on why the viewer should use your products or services. 

Character Animation: with this form of animation, your viewers will see colorful characters and background scenes that are engaging and interesting. 

Software App: capture the magic of your software app with a live footage production that creates an engaging demo of your application. 

3D Presentations: use character animation and high-definition graphics to create 3D scenes to catch your audience's attention. 

Caricature Animation: caricature animation and active background scenes provide eye-catching animation to engage your target audience. 

Papercut Animation: use papercut animation and colorful background scenes to catch your viewer's attention. Creative paper cut-outs are used to illustrate a point and highlight your company's best points.  

E-Learning Animation: this creates an engaging interactive on-demand E-Learning module. Interactive modules have active visualization and other content that can improve learning and information retention among viewers. 

The Choice is Yours

Choose from a selection of eight animations types that will help get your product or service noticed and remembered by thousands of people. All of our animations come complete with: 

  • A unique script
  • An original storyboard
  • The voice over
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Unlimited rewrites to ensure satisfaction
  • 30 days to request minor edits after video completion

And, don't worry if you can't decide which form of animation would best suit your needs. Ask for a free consultation and you can talk to the expert that will answer your questions.