SMM/SME Campaign

Say It On Social Media

SMM/SME Defined

When you are on your favorite social media site and you see a post from a business you like, you may click on the provided link. This link can lead you to goods and services you may buy. When you are done, you may leave a comment or a review and repost it. In doing so, you are participating in social media marking. Over 65% of all social media users say they are influenced by comments and reviews they have read or written themselves, and that this influence impacts their buying decisions. Take control and steer positive attention toward your business with social media marketing. 

Social media marketing has become vital in spreading the word on businesses and their products or services, They are also a necessity in engaging the target audience, which helps drives traffic and sales. SMM is especially attractive to the small to medium enterprises, or SME due to the low cost of SMM and limited advertising budgets. 

What SMM/SME Can Do For You

Your business has much to offer your target audience and prospects. All you need to do is get the word out. However, when your advertising and promotion budget is limited or falls short of what you need for a campaign through a reputable advertising agency, SMM provides access to over 20 million daily users worldwide. 

Social media is the perfect platform for targeted product marketing: 

  • Used by as much as 65% of all adults. 
  • As much as 90% of young adults use social media. 
  • Over 75% of those between the ages of 30 to 49 use social media.
  • 35% of all seniors use social media.  
  • Suburban (68%) and urban dwellers (64%) are more likely to use social media than those that live in rural areas (58%). 
  • Social media users consist of more women (68%) than men (62%).
  • Adults with higher incomes are more likely to use social media than those with lower incomes. 
  • According to race, social media users consist of Caucasians (65%), African-Americans (56%), and Hispanics (56%), as the top users. 

These statistics prove that access to your target audience is abundantly available. You just need an experienced company to run the marketing campaign. Welcome to Appatizer! Ask for a free consultation to get started on the marketing campaign that will promote your business across all audiences on multiple social media sites.