Website Design & Development

Your Lifeline

A professionally built and well-maintained website will instill confidence for the consumer making the decision to buy from you and attract the investor or advertiser that wants to partner with you. Appatizer can create the website you envision, whether the site is to promote an event, a service or a product line.  

A professionally designed website speaks to your business's credibility and promotes your products or services. It is your tool for communication and e-commerce, generating interest and sales, even while you sleep. The importance of such a marketing tool can not be overstated.  

Custom Interface and Web Design Options

The interface and web design aspects of a website deal with the visual appeal, functionality, and user-friendly components that keep your site competitive. Because of this, Appatizer provides customized services for:

  • Interface design
  • Website design
  • Template designs
  • Complete packages for website development and design
  • Structure and Appearance
  • Mobile-ready functionality

HTML and CSS are tools used to create the structure, style, and appearance found on a website. Appatizer staffs experienced developers that are able to meet your specific needs by utilizing these tools for your benefit. And, don't worry. If you are not satisfied with our template designs, we are able to customize your site from the inside out.

Appatizer only uses the most reliable techniques and services:

  • Web 2.0
  • AJAX
  • PHP5
  • XML
  • Javascript 
  • JQuery

We also utilize Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, and Fireworks. 

If requested, Appatizer will integrate blogging and social media capability for the promotion of your business or organization online. We are able to handle all aspects of building and promoting your site. Bring your dream to life with Appatizer.