Website Maintenance Services

Peace of Mind

Website maintenance can be defined as the work done to a website for upkeep and updating, as needed. Maintenance is performed to keep the site looking professional, running smoothly, and staying up-to-date on the latest browsers and mobile devices. Think of it this way: if your website were your home, Appatizer would be the cleaning service, the repairman, and the interior decorator! 

Appatizer’s website maintenance services can include:   

  • Updating the site with new images, PDF files, text, calendar events, new products, and other material that pertains to the business or service the website is for.
  • Optimization for pages and design on your website to increase search engine ranking.
  • Updating or completely redesigning a website banner or header
  • Testing that the site is fully functional for browsers and laptops or smartphones
  • Updating the software used on the site
  • Checking error logs for the site
  • Site ranking and statistic reports
  • Troubleshooting
  • Form tests
  • Cleaning old files

If other services are needed for your site, you have the advantage of Appatizer’s large service offering, including site design and development, e-commerce, blogging services, and more, putting everything you need at your fingertips in one easy-to-find location. 

Transparency in Service

Appatizer operates with a high standard. To provide you with the best service possible and to leave you with peace of mind, we provide you with: 

  • An itemized estimate on the work to be done. 
  • A complete mock-up for design work, submitted for your approval. 
  • The opportunity to reject or adjust the estimate or mock-up prior to work.

Should you decide on hiring our professionals to maintenance your website, you can expect certain benefits to come with our service:

  • A professional invoice, with the performed maintenance listed 
  • Post-service support to answer any questions or help with any concerns you may have
  • A regular maintenance schedule
  • Free consultation on future projects

If you need us to do something you don’t see listed here, let us know. We are here for you!